NEMIS Klubbscen 7th December With A night out with Allen!

NEMIS Klubbscen with A night out with Allen: a social event in an intimate setting where you can meet and chat with artist from all over Sweden as they perform for your entertainment. On 7th December we welcome Northlight; a young indie pop band from Karlstad. We also meet Obacka Space Farm from Umeå, Vurm from Luleå and wonder the talent of Luleå University’s very own Lulespexet! Pay at the door: ordinary price 150: kr; students free: under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult (18 + years).


18:00: Vurm

18:45: Lulespexet

19:45: Obacka space farm

20:45: Northlight




Börjar: 18:00

Öppnar: 18:00

Pris: 150:- Fri entré studenter & upp till 18 år i målsmans sällskap

Ålder: 18 år eller i målsmans sällskap

Arrangör: A Night Out with Allen i samarbete med Studiefrämjandet och NEMIS